Blue Temple

Learn to dive. Swim with sharks. Protect the reefs. Come volunteer in Malaysia and be part of something that matters.

Take the PADI Open Water or Advanced Open Water course and we'll supplement your learning with our own skills and buoyancy training to make you more confident as a diver and more environmentally aware as a Blue Temple Eco-Diver!

Pulau Perhentian is a beautiful island chain less than an hour from mainland Malaysia. Trek through the jungle, buy fruit shakes from the shake lady,witness the star filled skies, and enjoy Malay cuisine! It’s a magical place. Volunteer or conduct your research in Malaysia and experience it like a local. Your Research and Volunteer experience

What's the point? Working with Local and International Universities, NGOs and local businesses, we work to observe and protect the marine environment and apply our own research and knowledge to effective awareness campaigns within local and tourist communities. Marine conservation research

“For years I have floated on top of the ocean, daydreaming about what lies beneath. Now I know and I have both of you to thank for that. So, thank you for introducing me to the wonders of the underwater world. The last month (ish) is not something that I will forget any time soon. Not only are you both great teachers, but you are also very genuine and friendly, which has made the time out of the water equally enjoyable. Thanks again for everything and I'm sorry that I ate so much food (Aussie Plonker #2).”

Dave – Australia. April 2014.